Lighten up, Brian Dozier

Just a heads up, I’m an Orioles fan. I’m willing to take any flak from you journalistic curmudgeons out there.

Twins‘ second baseman Brian Dozier is freaking out over Orioles’ catcher Chance Sisco‘s decision to bunt against the shift in the ninth inning of Minnesota’s 7-0 win on Sunday.

Baseball Twitter isn’t having it.

Dozier said he thought about saying something to Sisco at second, but instead decided to let Baltimore’s “veteran leadership” handle it.

But what is there to say?

Pitcher José Berríos had already given up a hit, so it’s not like Sisco was being a shithead (pronounced shi-theed).

The Orioles proceeded to load the bases with a Chris Davis walk and a Manny Machado single.

They didn’t score, but one swing of the bat could have changed the game, or at least started to.

Anyway, Dozier can calm down. Sisco was trying to set his team up to win the game. It’s early, but a win is a win, especially in the AL East.

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