Breaking down the top Suns coaching candidates

1. Jay Wright 

Jay Wright should be the number one option for the Phoenix Suns. He’s fresh off a national championship at Villanova, so it might be hard to court him away, but he has experience coaching young guys (something the Suns have plenty of). Wright has won two NCAA championships in three years, and his winning attitude and coaching talent (something the Suns do not have plenty of) would be a breath of fresh air. His offensive game plan is simple: shoot. The Suns have a few decent shooters in Devin Booker, Troy Daniels, Dragan Bender, and Marquese Chriss (depending on who you ask). He’s never had much of an emphasis on defense, but neither have the Suns, so it seems like a match made in heaven. Wright is ready to take the next step, and the Suns have a vacant spot to let him.

Potential Destinations: Villanova, Milwaukee, Phoenix


2. Dave Fizdale 

Take that for data! Former Memphis Grizzlies coach Dave Fizdale didn’t exactly have the kindest end to his time in the Grit and Grind capital of the world. He left behind a franchise in a tailspin with aging talent after making the playoffs the year prior. But, who knows what he can do with young talent? He was an assistant/associate head coach in Miami during LeBron’s time with the team, and VP of Basketball Operations James Jones has nothing but nice things to say about him.

Potential Destinations: Phoenix, LA Lakers


3. Jason Kidd 

Ask anybody in the NBA rumor mill, and they’ll tell you Kidd is coming to Phoenix to coach. A former Suns player, Kidd most recently coached the Milwaukee Bucks. Like Wright, his defense certainly isn’t a priority. But unlike Wright, his offense ran through Giannis Antetokounmpo, someone the Suns don’t have. Having a guy like the Greek Freak made Kidd’s offense work, but there are definite concerns as to Kidd’s coaching ability without a superstar (see: the 2013 Brooklyn Nets). Kidd might not be the Suns coach of the future, but he could potentially fill the spot to stop the bleeding from Triano and bring a familiar face back into the Suns franchise. Let’s just hope he writes up a few more defensive sets.

Oh, and he moved to Paradise Valley, Arizona last week.

Potential Destinations: Phoenix, Unemployment

4. Jay Triano 

It may be an unpopular opinion, but I actually like Jay Triano a bit. He needs more time to develop, obviously, because nobody can expect the coach of the year right off the bat, but if the players respect and listen to him, keep him. That’s the issue, though. He seems to get no reaction out of them. After a lackluster 20-win season, it seems as if Triano has no chance to keep his job. But, on the off chance he does, let’s give him another chance with an updated roster and pray McDonough gives him enough to succeed.

Potential Destinations: Phoenix, Unemployment

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