Detroit Lions 2018: Newest Lion wants Dez Bryant to play in Detroit

Dez Bryant is now officially a free agent. While the rumors that will soon follow Bryant will most likely have him linked to several teams over the next few days and weeks, one player for the Detroit Lions has made his feelings clear – he would like to see No. 88 suit up for the Lions.

LeGarrette Blount took to Twitter earlier today telling Bryant that he should bring his game to Motown for the 2018 season. Blount, the former New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles star who played a huge role in the last two Super Bowls, apparently he was not joking when he told Dez to bring his talents to Detroit.

Now, while all players like to take to social media these days to express their feelings, is there any realistic shot of the Lions taking a look at Bryant? While you can never say never, it is doubtful.

The Lions’ wide receiver core consists of Golden Tate, Marvin Jones and an up-and-comer Kenny Golladay – not to mention Bradley Marquez and T.J. Jones as well. Still, with a quarterback with a huge arm like Matt Stafford, don’t you have to at least take a look at a player with the talents of Bryant?

One thing’s for sure. No matter where Dez lands in 2018, he is going to have a massive chip on his shoulder, which may be another reason to give him at least some consideration.

Bryant, who also took to Twitter, let the NFL world know that he will be more than ready for the 2018 season, no matter who he plays for.

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