Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s time is coming

On May 14, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. posted a picture at JFK International Airport in New York. The Toronto Blue Jays were scheduled to play a two-game series at Citi Field against the Mets starting the next day.

Was this finally the moment when the number two rated prospect according to MLB.com was being called up to the big leagues?

No. He posted an old photo and fooled everyone on twitter who were desperately trying to figure out if the son of Hall of Famer Vladimir Guerrero would play in the bigs yet.

Guerrero Jr. is just 19-years-old, but so was Mike Trout and Bryce Harper when they debuted. And neither of them had a season as dominant in the minors as Guerrero is having now. If he continues to hit at the absurd rate, who is to say he won’t make an appearance for the Blue Jays this season?

As of May 20, after 39 games, Guerrero Jr.is batting .421 with an OPS of 1.169. He leads the Eastern League of Double-A in both of those categories as well as total bases and doubles. He also leads the league in RBIs with 45 in just 39 games. In a 162-game season, that is on pace to over 200 RBIs.

His power is unquestioned. There is even video of hitting a home run the opposite way off of a tee. So why wait until next year to bring up the most exciting prospect still in the minors?

The Toronto Blue Jays are already 10 games out of first place in the AL East with a 22-25 record. With the Yankees and Red Sox playing at such high levels with highly talented rosters, there is little-to-no hope of Toronto competing for the division.

With their lackluster pitching staff, 4.61 team ERA, and inconsistent hitting aside from Josh Donaldson, a wild card spot is also seemingly far off.

Donaldson will become a free agent after this season. The right action to take for Toronto looks to be to trade the former AL MVP for some young assets and then replace Donaldson at third base with their top prospect.

Guerrero Jr. has the potential to be the future face of the Blue Jays. He is hitting about as good as possible in the minors, so if a deal for Donaldson occurs, it would open the door for Guerrero to get some early experience in the majors.

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